Zoom Tri Metal TM-01

This ZOOM Tri-Metal TM-01 is an analog distortion pedal built in a rock solid frame to last. . These pedals have been discontinued by ZOOM, they were built very solid with amazing overdrive and clean bypass. The Tri-metal is widely adjustable but well known for its insane metal drive, these pedal are awsome!

The TM-01 Tri Metal uses its three stage cascading gain circuit to accentuate heavy phrases as it is best matched for lower register and 7-string guitar voicings. Power Chords maintain detail and leads soar with well defined distortion. Ergonomically designed rugged all metal box, gain, level and tone controls, a status LED and runs on a 9V battery or can be powered by optional an AC Adaptor.


-Analog circuit, delivering ultra HIGH-GAIN while maintaining LOW-NOISE.
-TRIPLE GAIN 3-step circuit, for standard or completely unique distortions
-Separate TREBLE & BASS equalizer control.
-Parametric MID range equalizer
-Rigid full-metal body construction
-Mechanical True BYPASS


Control: 6 (Gain, Level, Treble, Bass, Middle, Range)
Input: 1/4″ monaural phone jack x 1
Input Impedance: 470k ohm
Nominal Input Level: -20dBm
Output: 1/4″ monaural phone jack x 1
Output Load Impedance: 10k ohm or more
Maximum Output Level: +10dBm
Power Requirement: 6F22-9V Battery x 1 or Optional AC Adaptor AD-0006 (DC9V, 300mA, Center Minus Type)
Battery Life: Longer than 26 hours (Alkaline Type)
Dimensions: 98 (W) x 127 (D) x 48 (H)
Weight: 720g (With Battery)

Pingin bikin sendiri efek metal, tidak salahnya kalau Anda coba clone dari efek Zoom Tri Metal TM-01 berikut ini.


Berikut penampakkan asli efek pedal distorsi Zoom Tri Metal TM-01

Pedal Efek Distorsi Tri Metal TM-01

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29 comments on “Zoom Tri Metal TM-01
  1. Joe says:

    Dear Elkit,

    cool pedal. Is the layout verified? What’s the switching type? Millenium Bypass or normal true bypass? Can’t see GND.
    +9V pins jumpered together?

    • Elkit says:

      yes this layout is verified, the switch is millenium bypass that including in the layout, but you can alter with pure true bypass using 3PDT switch, just only bypass the circuit emphasis on mil bp. cheers

    • Elkit says:

      to find the ground circuit you just follow the input hole, the ouput hole and the DC voltage hole (minus voltage) that they are the same track. I don’t understand your statement “+9V pins jumpered together?”

  2. ray says:

    berapa harga kitnya mas? email ke raysyad@yahoo.com

  3. rolly says:

    all of the schematic simble are the true zoom tri sir?

  4. poh says:

    all of the 5 ic are jrc4558 or tlo72 sir?

    • Elkit says:

      you can eliminate it each other because both are dual op-amp, it means those IC is the same model. it may just different sound character

  5. Cezar says:

    Excellent unit, makes me very happy.

  6. toto says:

    gan, komponen efek diatas di jakarta bnyk yg jual kan gan? (maaf gan soalnya aku baru mau belajar hehe…thx)

  7. totoca says:

    klo agan jual PCB+kit nya tolong sms harganya ya gan 083811442829, soalnya saya jrg OL,,, thx b’4.

  8. toto says:

    payah ente gan ky bocah komen aja pake di hapus, ya udah klo ente ga berkenan ane minta maaf ya, ane kira ini link yg bagus bwt belajar…makasih

  9. toto says:

    ups… Ane salah sangka nih gan,,, mohon maaf yg sebesar2nya ya gan, namanya ane newbie, banyak kekurang tauan dan kebodohannya harap dimaklum, sekali lg maaf ya gan…

  10. wesly says:

    gan link nya udah mati tuh………..tolong benerin dong….ane pengen buat nih

  11. adeeb says:

    may i get the link for the complete version of it?because the above link is not available anymore. Or you may sent it to my email..much more easier..tq…

  12. hari says:

    apa ga salah tuh pcb layout ama schematicnya kok ga sama

  13. widi says:

    gan ane udah kira2 kalo buat musik metal yg cocok kit yg mana ya?
    ane udah bikin plexi tone udah jadi tapi distorsinya kurang bersih…

    kalo menurut agan mending aq bikin yg mana ya?
    terima kasih atas sarannya…

  14. Dawunang says:

    Skematik ama layoutnya setelah saya analisa ternyata tidak sama, memang sih antara skematik dan layoutnya tidak ada yg salah alias benar semua. Saya bermaksud untuk me-redraw ulang skematiknya terus layoutnya saya atur sendiri tata letak komponennya supaya lebih rapih, karena menurut saya layout PCB nya kurang rapih tata letak komponennya. Yah terpaksa ngikut layout ori dah..,,

  15. maiquel says:

    the potentiometer (middle) is not 100k, but 10k !! awarded the original.

  16. Alex174 says:


    What’s the “millenium gate”???
    I don’t find it on the schem and I don’t understand what’s its utility?!!
    Thanks for your answer and your awesome project!!!

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